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October 2002.1

Date/Time Message

11:17:26 AM
  Inlet 2.0 users...As of 11:20am EST, all quotes feeds are normal.        
10:58:32 AM
  All Inlet 2.0 Users...for approximately 10 minutes beginning at 11:00am EST, quote feeds, both Island and Level II will be unavailable via version 2.0 of Inlet. During this time, quotes will still be available via version 1.53. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will update on the progress.        
10:22:15 AM
  All Inlet 2.0 users with Level II quotes...Level II quotes will temporarily be unavailable as of 10:20am EST. The interruption should be temporary. This does not effect Inlet 1.53. Level II quotes are still available via that version. For any questions, please contact Island Support at 212-231-5100.