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February 2003.02

Date/Time Message

2:52:36 PM
  Inlet 2.02 resolve the previously mentioned issue, all 2.02 users may lose connection. Please log off and log back into the Inlet application. Upon logging in, the issue should be resolved and positions within the trade manager should be reflected accurately. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Island Trade Desk at 212-231-5100.        
2:28:08 PM
  Inlet 2.02 users may be seeing an issue where their execution notifications on Trade Manager are off. We are looking into this issue now. Please contact the Island Trade Desk at 212-231-5100 to status any questionable executions and for an execution report. We will update when this issue has been resolved.        
2:02:24 PM
  Some clients may be receiving 'status none' messages when trading on Inlet, which is preventing you from knowing the current status of orders. The issue has been resolved. Please attempt to log out and back into the Inlet application. Should you need to status orders or get an execution report, please call Island Client Services at 212-231-5100.        
12:19:53 PM
  12:15 ET We are getting sporadic reports that users of Inlet 2.02 cannot status or cancel orders. We are currently researching the issue and will update shortly. Should you experience this issue, please contact the Island Trade Desk via 212-231-5100 and a representative will be happy to assist you.